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Infant Massage,
a tool to access the wisdom of ancient mothers. 

Do you feel disconnected from your infant and your family? What if there were a simple way for you to create the connection and maintain it even in times of stress? Would you use it?

The practice of Infant Massage combined with meditative techniques can accomplish this. Infant Massage is an ancient tradition that has been handed down from mother to daughter in India for centuries. There it is generally done in complete silence or with the mother singing. It is a profound communication of love passed from heart to hands to infant and back. It isn't something one does to their child, it's done with the child, with the emotion of love and acceptance freely passed back and forth. No judgements, no fears, no tension, just pure love.

Whenever an ancient pattern is repeated over and over, whether it be a form of ChiGong, walking the labyrinth, or any other practice, we are accessing the energy present in these patterns. Energy never dies, it only changes form. Infant Massage is one of those patterns. The energy we are tapping into is the wisdom of the ancient mothers of the world who have practiced this beautiful form with love and attention with countless children over the centuries. 

Begin the massage with a meditation asking for the presence of these wise women. If it fits your belief system, ask for the presence of Mary, our Divine Mother. This will assist you in accessing the help that is available at all times. It's so common for parents to feel alone in their task of parenting. Gone are the days of extended families to share the burdens. Isn't a new baby in the house a good enough reason to reconnect to the spiritual in your life? 

Infants are little spiritual beings. They have just come from the spirit world and are still in contact with their angels and guides. By acknowledging and connecting with this part of them you can access this wisdom for yourself. As with anything new it may take a little practice and time but the benefits are worth it. Allow your heart to open and focus all your attention on your baby. Let go of expectations of anything dramatic happening. It may just feel like you are imagining or daydreaming, but let your thoughts drift where they may. Censoring and judging are the worse enemies of intuition. 

Don't be afraid to try this. I hear stories from people about the intuitions they have had about their infants, only to have them confirmed when these children began to talk. They are more aware than we could possibly know. Children are naturally intuitive as any nursery nurse knows. I have seen a room full of sleeping babies erupt into crying when someone angry or hostile enters without ever going near one of them. Acknowledging this gift and keeping it active as they grow up will do more for their safety than any verbal cues on asking permission could ever accomplish. Through the practice of Infant Massage you are strengthening their energetic boundaries so their ability to sense danger and also to know safety is intact. 

I worked as a nursery nurse for many years, and for the last seven I also maintained a practice in Healing Touch. The last year or so at the hospital I was extremely bothered by many things we did in the nursery, while these same things didn't seem to bother anyone else. I finally realized that intuitively I was picking up what the babies were feeling. It was so subtle I didn't get it for a long time. I had to leave that setting because much of what we do there is based in fear and not about to change. It became intolerable to me.

I have been working most recently with assisting families to connect with their infant's spirit preconception and prenatally. This is very rewarding work as it makes this little being tangible and real. I am able to do this work at a distance if a visit to my office is impractical. I teach Infant Massage classes in group settings or privately if needed. I have produced a beautiful and inspirational video Baby Massage, a Video for Loving Parents that will soon be available in Spanish translation. I have a private practice in Healing Touch in Olympia, WA. Visit www.babymassage.net for more information about the Spiritual Connection with Infant Massage or to order the video. The site also has information on bonding, sleep, and links to many other useful sites.

Elly Leduc is a Registered Nurse, a Certified Infant Massage Instructor and Certified Healing Touch Practitioner. She may be contacted through her web site www.babymassage.net or call 360 438-1244.

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