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  • The Violet Babes
    A new wave of beings has been incarnating since 1978. Often called the indigo children, they vibrate to the violet ray of freedom and will guide us to the new level of understanding how to live together, clean up the planet and live Heaven on Earth. Author of a book about birthing this new consciousness, Birthing the Babes of the Light, Penelope Greenwell has been working with these children since 1994, assisting them, their parents and teachers, counselors and guides. They are especially sensitive and many of our old ways of doing things don¹t work with them. If you are working with a child who is diagnosed as having a learning disability, hyperactivity, especially precocious, speaks his own language, is very stubborn or exhibits behavior problems, we may be able to help ­ check out our web site.

  • The Illuminated Child
    Products and services to enhance child development and influence positive, conscious parenting.

  • Baby Miracles
    Baby Miracles sells baby layette products, gift baskets and gift sets direct to the public nationwide. Our line includes hooded towels, blankets, receiving blankets, layette clothing, mittens & booties, baby caps and more. We also customized gift baskets and regular gift boxes.

  • The Sling Shop
    Don't have a sling yet? Baby Massagers will want one or two.

  • www.infantelligence.com
    Products to gently enhance your baby's potential from 2nd trimester to two years old.

  • Baby Place
    Misc resources about babies, pregnancy, and birth.
  • BabyChatter.com
    Baby names, meanings and origins. Free baby stuff, coupons and special offers. It's what all the chatter is about!!
  • Make Home Remedies
    A Complete Guide to Self-Healing, Hundreds of remedies to treat common diseases. Check it out !!
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