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Excellent quality video and sound. Wonderful music!
BW - Carbondale CO

Beautiful - It's very clear and I love how it explains what certain body parts and techniques help what- very thorough!!
PL - Wichita Falls TX 07/97

My baby loves and looks forward to his massage; it's part of our nightly routine. The video reassured me that if he was fussing or crying sometime, it was okay and that he was just "working or talking out an issue".
PM - E Dennis MA 04/98

I enjoyed the educational component regarding premature babies. The explanations were wonderful.
AG - Covina CA 08/98

I teach infant message and will market this one to my clients.
DM - Enumclaw WA 02/97

It's wonderful!
CM - Richmond VA 08/97

My baby and I enjoy our time together during the massage.

This video is an excellent instructional tool. The demonstrations are explicit, yet basic. Also, I feel almost all benefits of massage are mentioned.
CV - Raton NM 09/97

It really relaxed my baby and I knew I was making him feel good.
HT - Holmdel NJ

I have no children, but I found this video extremely interesting. I am a veterinarian and plan to use this program on pets.
Dr. DD - Ft Lauderdale FL 10/97

The video is an excellent resource, easy to follow, accessible and informative. Thank you! I've truly enjoyed connecting so intimately with my young daughter! ... the step by step instructions are invaluable. I highly recommend it.
SD - Olympia WA 11/97

"We had an open adoption, and met our son soon after he was born. With Elly's help, I gave him his first massage at one day of age. It was as if we had known each other forever. It was an incredible experience that really sealed our bonding. I will never forget it."
Anonymous Adoptive Father

"My son was born 11 weeks early. Although he was pretty healthy, he still had to be in the hospital for a long time. After his transfer to [the hospital], I began massaging him daily. We live an hour away, and I had two other children, so I couldn't stay with him. The massages were a wonderful way to stay connected. He also began to double his previous weight gain, and went home a couple weeks earlier than we expected. I know it made a huge difference."
Donna Harmon

"I first learned about Infant Massage from an Australian friend who is a maternal/child nurse. She felt it was very soothing, and a wonderful bonding experience for parents and child. I was so pleased when my pediatrician husband said it was available at [a hospital] near us, and enjoyed attending classes with my daughter and first grandchild."
Carolyn Keck

Steve Eabry
Sept/Oct 1998

Babies are intuitive, and their sense of touch highly developed. Therefore, in addition to many health benefits, the time spent massaging your youngster greatly increases your communication and helps you to understand your baby's moods, needs, desires and expressions.

This video is a good companion to Vimala McClure's book, "Infant Massage: A Handbook for Loving Parents." It visually presents the massage techniques taught by the International Association of Infant Massage, the organization founded by McClure.

While a tradition in many cultures, infant massage is only recently becoming known and practiced here. Studies in Australia and at the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami's School of Medicine have shown the great benefits of a massage routine given by parents. All infants, whether premature, underweight or healthy/full term thrive and benefit from massage, including better weight gain and better performance on developmental tasks. Massaged infants are more alert when awake, more easily soothed and sleep better. Massage promotes emotional security, stimulates digestion, and the passing of gas, and relieves the symptoms of colic. It develops and supports youngsters' self-esteem and lets them know they are loved and lovable.

"Baby Massage" does a good job of demonstrating techniques while pointing out that a youngster's likes and dislikes change frequently during his or her development and that it is important to be alert and modify the massage, inventing techniques as appropriate. A very good feature of this video is the demonstration of exercises and gentle stretches, along with the reasons for incorporating them into the daily routine. Another nice touch is the 4" x 7" card that lists the moves shown in the video, which serves as a reminder the first few times you massage your youngster. The faults here are few and do not reduce my very high recommendation of this video.

May/June 1997

The importance of touch to babies has been well documented. This video teaches that massage can produce better weight gain, increase performance on developmental tasks makes babies easier to soothe and put to sleep, produce emotional security and a healthy body image, stimulate digestion and relieve colic, enhance intimacy, reduce stress (for baby ... and parent), teach relaxation, and encourage bonding. In addition, consider the fact that premature infants regularly massaged in a hospital come home sooner and stronger than non-massaged babies.

The importance of correct technique is paramount to avoid injury, however, and the tape does an excellent job of demonstrating it. The babies seem to genuinely enjoy the massage session, the mothers offer gentle and encouraging advice to viewers, and the accompanying music by Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart is appropriate and enjoyable. The video is based on the book, "Infant Massage: A Handbook for Loving Parents" by Vimala McClure. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

William Sears, MD
pediatrician, national columnist and best-selling author of "The Baby Book."

"Research shows massage helps babies grow and develop better ... Infant massage promotes good self-esteem and brain growth, and improves digestion and behavior. The interaction helps parents connect with their babies ... This tape is an excellent resource for parents wanting to learn this valuable technique."

March 1, 1999

Of course, infant massage is beneficial for all babies and their caregivers. "Baby Massage: A Loving Guide for Parents" is an ideal resource to get parents started. Preparations, strokes, and concluding exercises are detailed in a captioned instructional section; a certified touch therapist then gives a complete massage. Counsel is given about the technique's advantages in aiding an infant's physical, psychological, and emotional development (especially preemies and colicky babies). These rewarding interactions are also captured by quiet, compelling camera work; a mesmerizing original score and the babies' expressive gurgles and coos accompany the low-key voice-over.

"Baby Massage, a Video for Loving Parents" was the feature video at the "Best of the Northwest Film Festival", 1999. It won an award for the "Living Solutions" TV show producer Nancy Seals in the category "programs that make a difference". The competition comes from 7 states and 3 Canadian provinces.

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