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Since 1985, Kevin Slick has been recording and performing his original music with an unexpected array of imaginative covers. Beginning with his album "Tap Dancing in the Middle Ages," Slick has released twelve solo albums, and at least as many as a part of various groups.

The Philly Rock Guide has called his work "A witty amalgam of folk, rock and world beat rhythms" Slick's eclectic brew of musical expression has been reviewed in numerous publications from folk standards such as SING OUT! and Dirty Linen to the more alternative zines Relix, The Bob and Option Magazine which said "Slick is a songwriter who crafts his music into the far horizons of artistic vision. He takes inspiration and molds it into a rewarding end product."

He has shared the stage with artists ranging from Pete Seeger and David Bromberg to Blues Traveler and The Hooters. His live performances have taken Slick from the legendary folk club Godfrey Daniels to New York's famous CBGB's - from Philadelphia's old Chestnut Cabaret to The North Star Bar.

Since 1988, when he co-founded the group, Kevin has also been a member of the seminal tribal folk rock band Neo Pseudo.

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