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Callie WilsonHi. This is Callie Wilson.

I am deeply committed to helping people reach the maximum rate of healing possible. I am impressed with how much can be contributed to healing through touch.

I have a Master's in Community Health Nursing, and a long and varied career including public health, family planning, alcohol detoxification, back pain management, and hospice. I handle the business aspects of marketing Baby Massage: A Video for Loving Parents. I am awed and honored to be working with Vimala McClure and Elly Leduc.

That's my daughter, Chandra, on the cover of the video, as a baby. Elly came over to give us a brush-up lesson in Baby Massage when our new baby arrived. Chandra had been massaged in the orphanage in Calcutta. (International Mission of Hope).

"Look at this baby!" said Elly. "You ought to video this - she recognizes the strokes!" Elly had been thinking of doing a video since, for most families, returning for five weekly classes just wasn't practical. The number of people taking the classes was small in comparison to those expressing interest. They were asking for a video, and so the idea began.

We researched the videos available and were very disappointed in the quality available to purchase. Through synchronicity, we were able to interest a top-notch videographer in the project. Ours is the prettiest and most delightful - to see and to hear. We used professionally trained actors to do the voice. This made an enormous difference to the overall quality.

The idea of the grease-proof instruction card included in the package came from me. Imagine me fumbling around with 5 lessons worth of tip sheets spread out on the floor around the baby. Each sheet of paper getting greasy and more rumpled each day.

Here in the photo you can see how Chandra is now a big girl. She likes to put lotion on her legs and tummy herself, and she likes to put lotion on me, too. I am interested in baby massage as a way for children to develop a healthy awareness of their own body. I believe it can help children to overcome issues of abandonment and mistrust.

My daughter Charis Wilson faced a long hospitalization and painful medical procedures with bravery and fortitude. We used touch relaxation, as described in Baby Massage: A Video for Loving Parents, to help her cope.

I keep hoping that appearing on this web-page will put me in touch with school mates and Friends from my childhood. I have kept the same name my whole life. The following biographical information is to help people who might know me to figure out if they have found the right Callie Wilson:

  • I grew up in Newtown, Pennsylvania, and went to Camp Onas every summer.
  • I'm a Quaker. (Religious Society of Friends), graduated from The Meeting School.
  • I attended Reed College, Cabrillo College, University of California (Nurse Practitioner Program), The Evergreen State College, and the University of Washington.
  • I have lived in Olympia Washington since 1976.
  • I'm not the Callie Wilson of Microsoft.
There. That should locate me for you!

I'm happy to answer questions about the video. I'm particularly interested in hearing from people who are doing research, and people who are working with at-risk teen parents. Contact me: hellocalliecallie AT hotmail DOT com.

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