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Elly LeducElly Leduc is a Registered Nurse, Certified Infant Massage Instructor and Certified Healing Touch Practitioner whose use of soothing massage techniques on infants is the focal point of Baby Massage: A Video for Loving Parents. With 25 years as a nurse in special care nurseries, Leduc has watched the impact of touch on infants, including premature, drug-addicted and multiple-birth babies. She has blended this ongoing, front-line experience with her interest in massage, and has learned truly effective infant massage

Leduc believes babies are intuitively aware of their surroundings. Massage, as introduced in Baby Massage: A Video for Loving parents, allows silent, intuitive behavior, and fulfills a baby's inborn need to be touched. It assists with the bond of trust and confidence between caregiver and child. She also feels it is a very important way to teach children "healthy touching."

Born in Saskatchewan, Canada, Elly Leduc has been a registered nurse since 1969. In 1974, she began working with newborn and premature infants. She became certified as an Infant Massage Instructor through the International Association of Infant Massage in 1988. Elly has had papers and articles on the use of Therapeutic Touch on infants published in trade journals and has spoken nationally on "Using Infant Massage in the Hospital Setting" and "Connecting With the Sacredness of Infants-" Read her articles link to the pages

Elly has made her home in Olympia, Washington since 1977. She is Certified in Healing Touch,. which is accredited through Healing Touch International. Healing Touch is an energetic and spiritually based approach to healing. It can work with anyone's belief system. Elly works in private practice as a Healing Touch Practitioner and is available for distance healing if a visit to her office is impractical. Check out her page describing her practice.

Elly Leduc, RN, Certified Infant Massage Instructor and Certified Healing Touch Practitioner can be contacted at She checks her email almost daily.

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